My significant other is currently deployed or I am about to be deployed, can I still adopt?

It’s not recommended. The main concern here is since the Cane Corso is a guardian breed, if you adopt the dog and your significant other comes home to the dog and the dog has never seen or smelled this person, this is setting up the dog for failure. Your significant other coming home can be seen as stranger by the dog and can have some adverse affects in the household. It’s even possible that the dog or the significant other just simply will not get along with the adopted dog, thusly getting returned to the rescue causing a lot of stress on the dog and the family it got to know. When applying we recommend that all family members living in the household be present during the adoption & fostering period as well.

If you are about to deploy, then the adopted dog whether they have gotten to know you or not, would be given to someone to care for while you are away. Thusly causing the same scenario to occur as described above. In the event it had to be left with a family member outside of the household; that person may not be familiar with the breed and it can cause an undue burden on them. Unfortunately, over the years we have encountered this quite a few times when dogs get surrendered to us.

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