Why will renters be denied?

This is a difficult one for us as we know there are so many families out there that are deserving of a Cane Corso.

The main concern here is the landlord. While a landlord may give initial approval, they can change their mind at any time, requiring the tenant to vacate or get rid of the dog.

Even if you take all the precautions and even get the landlord to give you approval in writing; however, even in doing this, if the landlord gets reports of a “mean looking dog” and is forced to have the dog removed (yes, this has happened several times) you may end up having to give the Corso back to CCR. This in turn can cause undue stress on the dog & the family.

There are a couple of rare exceptions here:

  • In the event that you have previously adopted from us and are currenlty a renter, please reach out to us via the chat on our website to get pre-approval before filling out the adoption application
  • If you believe that you have a different case and you can guarantee that the dog will be safe in your home without the possibility of giving up the dog due to threat of eviction or landlord, then please reach out to us on the chat on the site explaining why your situation may be different.

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