What is the dog surrendering process?

April 2021 UPDATE: While we are still accepting private surrenders, we are at capacity. Depending on you location in the country it can take 1 week to 3 months to find a foster home if your dog is accepted into the rescue.

Surrendering a dog to us takes time. During Fall & Winter months this time is usually 4-8 weeks. While in the Spring & Summer months, it’s usually 2-4 weeks.

All dogs adopted out by CCR must be spayed/ neutered. If your dog isn't, CCR asks that you make a donation towards this procedure. It usually runs $100-150. Any donation amount accepted. Dog must also be up-to-date on vaccinations).

After the initial application is submitted and goes through initial approval, CCR will verify the vetting so we can determine what is needed tor proper placement.

We will then have a volunteer that has experience with the breed, meet the dog to determine the best foster placement.

Once we secure the foster family, CCR then sets up a transport of the dog into the new foster home with the surrendering owner’s assistance.

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